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I am JF Unson, and I am a computer engineer by education and have worked in Silicon Valley since graduating from college. My career in the valley started as an exciting journey, but after almost a decade, I could feel the burnout creeping in. Interestingly, during this time, I came across new ways of working and decided to experiment with them with my teams to see if I could stop or minimize the burnout. The success of these experiments with new ways of working helped me remain in the tech industry – sans burnout.

At first, I thought that these new ways of working (or Agile, as most people know it) were limited to product and engineering. However, once I saw how fast these two areas could go, I felt the harsh pull of being slowed down by other areas of the organization. I started asking myself, can we bring these ways of working to other areas of the organization?

Trying to answer that question, the next couple of decades found myself working with or in other departments like Marketing or HR or taking up various roles such as a product manager, technical program manager, or director of engineering reporting to the CEO. Along the way, I had the chance to learn from amazing people across different business areas. I saw how they, too, were on a quest for business agility, experimenting and adapting to make it happen. My not-so-straight-and-narrow journey has allowed me to amass experiences and skills beyond my early days of coding computers. Recently I even learned more new skills and ways of working stemming from the recent pandemic.

With my diverse experiences and skills that have been honed at various companies (like Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, and Miro, to name a few), I’m here to help you and your teams achieve that sweet spot of organizational and business agility. Let’s chat, and together, we can make your tech journey an exhilarating one.

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JF is a 30+ year veteran of Silicon Valley, with experience ranging from tiny start-ups to large enterprises. He has mentored and led organizations to deliver products and effective outcomes continuously. JF connects product strategy, portfolio management, and execution using various tools, methodologies, and frameworks. He has a holistic and unique view of the product development process, having “done it all” — test engineer, software developer, architect, engineering leader, and product manager.

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