How I Can Help You

Over the years, I have been a contributing team member and an internal coach while working at various companies (such as Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, and Miro, to name a few). I have tons of practical experience using and honing my Agile abilities in real-life situations. From start-ups to enterprise organizations, I have gained skills in solving varied problems, allowing these teams and organizations to rapidly respond to their customer needs and generate impactful business outcomes.

Here are the various ways in which I can work with you:


Taking Stock

The first thing in any engagement is an assessment, where we have a conversation about you and the issue or problem that requires help. A problem may involve multiple symptoms and may result from interrelated root causes. Assessments allow me to create a big picture and come up with several options for you once I understand your outcomes and what you want to achieve.

I come with a curious intention to take stock of the situation, asking questions to help build context and understanding of the problem from your perspective. I may ask to follow up with others to get various perspectives to build a more holistic picture that considers everyone’s point of view. These discussions can happen individually or in a group.

These sessions are free, so consider emailing me or booking some time on my calendar for a Zoom call.

Once we do an assessment, I can craft a set of options using any of the approaches below and present them to you with a follow-up call.



I have been coaching people and teams since my first experimentation with Agile methods back in 1998 (before it was even known as Agile). I’ve successfully coached individuals and groups and took part in company-wide adoptions at places like Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Miro.

Let’s explore together, looking at you, your role, your team, and your organization. Together, we can tease out behaviors that amplify the best version of you and your organization to build towards organizational agility.



You might have an idea of where you want to be as a team or an organization. You might know what you possibly can embark on, but need an outside mirror to reflect things that you see and don’t see.

I can be a sounding board, and we can weigh the pros and cons or devise the means to achieve your end destination. Together we will create measures and make adjustments, reacting to the outcomes along the way.



I can help run or facilitate strategy sessions, portfolio reviews, team or company retrospectives, and the like. As a neutral facilitator, I can help design sessions with clear outcomes that increase the success and results of these interactions. I can design these sessions for in-person, hybrid, or remote. The choice is yours.



Learning together is a beautiful thing. Team workshops help everyone get onto a shared page of understanding.

I create custom workshops, tailoring them using information that you and your team provide. You and your team can then use the resulting artifacts to continue marching on toward your goals.


Customized Solutions

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, and maybe a combination of all the above approaches is the right solution.

I can work with you and your team to combine various pieces and craft a unique offering that better suits your context after I make an assessment.

Contact Me

Together, we can look at your specific context and carefully craft a lasting solution of your choice that would fit your needs.

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