I offer all sorts of training and workshops. Training comes in the form of online, self-paced courses, classes, and workshops. I offer virtual and in-person public classes and workshops.

What’s the difference between classes and workshops?

The primary difference between classes is that classes are open to the public and make use of generic exercises, use cases, and real-life examples that can be understood by anyone in any industry.

Workshops, on the other hand,  are catered specifically to your team and organization. The workshop content is similar to the class, however, I customize the problems and exercises to align better with your team and context. The workshops are designed for you to solve real-world problems that you and your team are facing at work today. You can take whatever you did in class immediately to the office and continue, without having to start from scratch.

As such, workshops require an initial assessment meeting so that I can contextualize the material to you and your organizational needs.

Outcome Delivery with Mobius

Outcome Delivery with Mobius

Outcome Delivery with Mobius Public Class None scheduled for the time being. Custom Workshop If you’d like a workshop for you and your team instead so that you can work on actual problems, please contact me and schedule an assessment so that I can customize one for you. What is...